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Compensation. Does your current compensation structure effectively attract and motivate your skilled personnel?


Small Business Strategies, Small Business, Entrepreneurs, Emerging Businesses, Budgeting, Pricing, Growth, Compensation

This short guide was designed to help small-business owners maintain a sound strategic perspective. Each chapter is, essentially, an introduction to a specific type of strategic thinking. Our goal is to help small-business owners avoid common pitfalls and take advantage of opportunities that are frequently missed.

Our approach is based on the most important lesson we’ve learned as consultants: most entrepreneurs already know everything they need to know about their businesses. They simply need to apply their knowledge in the most productive way possible, which generally involves someone asking them the right questions. This book covers 6 core topics:

Sales and Self-evaluation
Transition Planning




"It isn't often in business that we can say results far exceeded expectations. Yet, without a doubt, through your higher standards and goals developed with GE Supply you influenced our achieving tremendous results. Thank you so much for your counsel, your coaching, your teaching/presenting and your collaborative work with our people. It makes a difference to work with consultants who are capable, energetic, positive and results-oriented."

- Kris Michaelis, Manager - Training & Dev., General Electric Supply


"This will in fact be the fifth consecutive year that we have invited you to be a principal speaker at our flagship "Growing the Company" conference, and I have no doubt that you will once again achieve the highest ratings and attract the largest audiences. And of course, your articles in the magazine have always been very well received, and your Inc. audio tape series continues to be among our best sellers."

- William C. Taylor, President, Inc. Magazine

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